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Local Calgarian Entrepreneurs

Founded and based in Calgary, JYZ has become part of the vibrant community of entrepreneurs who are building a local, diverse, small business community. We seek to fill the gap between independent freelancers and corporate agencies, giving business owners a direct contact with those who are helping with the beggining, growth or renewal of their enterprise. We are real designers, developers and copywriters who are entrepreneurs ourselves and are thus plugged into the mindset, struggles, opportunities and successes of those who seek to build their own legacy.

Quality Marketable Design

We strive to make everything we create embody a marketable branding strategy, meaning we are not a machine that churns out images. We meticulously research your business and industry, making sure we understand how to communicate your message to your target audience. Beyond design, we focus on targeted copywriting, dynamic user experience and keeping up with the latest trends in marketing. Our goal is to help your business grow and prosper through design and branding; to create iconic associations in the hearts and minds of your customer base.

Full Service Creative Team

Most small businesses do not require a full-time designer. That is where we come in – we complete projects as you need so you are getting exactly what you are paying for. As a full service company, we do everything and anything such as packaging, printing, web development, etc. Our wide range of services mean that you can focus on the business that you’re passionate about. We offer the quality and professionalism of large agencies with the turnaround and client interaction of a freelancer, never compromising our creative, artistic flair for unique design work.


Judy Yu

& Digital Van Gogh

Design, art and marketing are my true passions in life. I love the privilege of being able to express my ideas into brands everyday through the trust of my associates and clients. I have been a professional graphic designer for over 5 years and have been using and learning Adobe Suite for over 10 years, continuously searching for new, challenging projects to learn and develop my skills.

I have now worked with countless different industries and received agency training, developing JYZ into a competitive player in the marketing scene and providing startups with a viable partner in developing their brands. I am super excited to speak with you and learn about your passion!

Rob Hughes

& Resident Don Draper

I have a background in business development within the oil and gas industry, growing a startup from the ground up. Seeking a change, I partnered with JYZ to help in growing the company and chartering its artistic direction. My goal is to cultivate a reputation as a hub for unique creative vision that is not bound to any single industry or artistic milieu.

I use my extensive experience in various styles of writing and cultivated insights into marketing strategies to polish the content of our various projects into tactical tools for our clients to expand their business horizons.


Josie Liang

& Spontaneous Dreamer

With a clean and minimalist personal style, I hope to create modern designs that leave a lasting impression. I am an artistic and open minded individual who enjoys working creatively with others. I have a passion for illustration, branding, editorial and graphic design.

I have a background in communications and media studies as well as in new media production and design. I hope to take my skills and experiences to help local businesses grow in order to help the creative community continue to shine. As someone who believes in constant self-improvement and growth, I strive to raise the bar with each new project as I continue to prove my strengths and learn new things.

Cody McLean

& Photography

Hi, I’m Cody McLean. I fell in love with design and photography at an early age which led me to designing graphics for a mini skateboard company over the internet at the age of 12. That opportunity quickly grew into more small projects throughout the years increasing my skills and raising my standards of what I was capable of achieving. Throughout my early teen years I became fascinated with wood working and film making which matured into graphics and illustration as the years went by.

I am extremely passionate about business, investing and personal development, always seeking new opportunities and striving to increase my knowledge on a daily basis. I bring forth a modern and classy style to my work as well as an openness to learn that ensures my skillset never stops expanding.


Jim Vo

& Developer

I am a web developer, creative thinker and problem solver. A music producer by hobby and caffeine enthusiast by day, I act as JYZ’s webmaster, tech support and developer.

I love talking to people and making sure your website is running smoothly. I am constantly searching for innovative ways to present information, creative solutions and be amongst the leaders of the industry.

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