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We are passionate creatives connecting companies to their target audience

We are a hands-on agency, excited to actualize your entrepreneurial dreams

We are a hands-on agency, excited to actualize your entrepreneurial dreams

We are a hands-on agency, excited to actualize your entrepreneurial dreams

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Made by Local Entrepreneurs, For Local Entrepreneurs

Your Calgary Marketing Team

Founded and based in Calgary, JYZ has become part of the vibrant community of entrepreneurs who are building a local, diverse, small business community. We seek to fill the gap between independent freelancers and corporate agencies, giving business owners a direct contact with those who are helping with the beginning, growth or renewal of their enterprise. We are real designers, developers and copywriters who are entrepreneurs ourselves and are thus plugged into the mindset, struggles, opportunities and successes of those who seek to build their own legacy.

Strong Creative Background

Focus on Quality of Work

We meticulously research your business and industry, making sure we understand how to communicate your message to your target audience. We come from both a strong creative and technical background– the core skillsets of any successful marketing team. We focus on targeted copywriting, dynamic user experience and keeping up with the latest trends in marketing. Our goal is to help your business grow and prosper through design and branding; to create iconic associations in the hearts and minds of your customer base. Ironically, we don’t do much marketing ourselves. Most of our strategies are inbound – making sure we exist long term where people are looking for us, not where we’re not wanted. Most of our company’s growth has come from pure quality of work, word of mouth and the caliber of our portfolio projects. We believe there’s nothing more powerful than consistently delivering to our standards.

Execution Focused Strategy

Full Service Marketing

With JYZ, you have a full-service agency at your disposal. We offer a full spectrum, holistic and authentic approach to marketing: providing customers value – this applies to our customers, and their customers. We believe in honesty first, as we are set out to create a long term business with client interest and success in mind. We pride ourselves on our strong client testimonials and reviews, and only work with businesses we can get behind. Our motivations are never to oversell, only to over deliver. If you are looking to hire a company that will not question your strategies, we are not the right fit for you. We make sure your customer journey is professional, from first impression to conversion. We perform full audits on consultation and provide suggestions on how to start, improve or adjust your current online presence.

Meet Our Team


Co-Founder, President & Project Director

Judy Yu

Marketing and design are my true passions in life. I love the privilege of being able to express my ideas into brands everyday through the trust of my associates and clients. I have been a professional graphic designer for over 8 years. I am continuously searching for new, challenging projects.

I have now worked with countless different industries and received agency training, developing JYZ into a competitive player in the marketing scene and providing startups with a viable partner in developing their brands. I am super excited to speak with you and learn about your passion!


Co-Founder, Marketing Director

Rob Hughes

I have a background in business development within the oil and gas industry, growing a startup from the ground up. My goal for JYZ is to cultivate a reputation as a hub for unique creative vision that is not bound to any single industry or artistic milieu.

I use my extensive experience in various styles of writing and cultivated insights into marketing strategies to polish the content of our various projects into tactical tools for our clients to expand their business horizons.


Senior Media Production Artist

Josie Liang

With a clean and minimalist personal style, I hope to create modern designs that leave a lasting impression. I am an artistic and open minded individual who enjoys working creatively with others. I have a passion for illustration, branding, editorial and graphic design.

I have a background in communications and media studies as well as in new media production and design. I hope to take my skills and experiences to help local businesses grow in order to help the creative community continue to shine.


Project Manager

Michelle Hillman

I am a graphic designer and project manager from Calgary, Alberta. I’ve always been a visual person and have enjoyed creating things whether it be through graphic design, film, photography, or drawing.

I graduated from the SAIT Film and Video Production diploma program with honors, and later completed the SAIT Graphic Design Certificate of Achievement. I am currently attending the Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University and expect to graduate in 2022.


Media Production Artist

JeongMuk Lee

I graduated from SAIT Graphic Communications and Print Technology in 2019 and I also finished a bachelor’s degree in graphic design in Korea in 2015. Studying in Canada gave me a lot of motivation and new perception. My main skillset includes video editing, brand development and web design. I have been doing many ongoing design projects as a freelance designer. I have a strong knowledge from researching current market trends and excel at creating design proposals.



Jim Vo

I am a web developer, creative thinker and problem solver. A music producer by hobby and caffeine enthusiast by day, I act as JYZ’s webmaster, tech support and developer.

I love talking to people and making sure your website is running smoothly. I am constantly searching for innovative ways to present information, creative solutions and be amongst the leaders of the industry.


Copywriter and Content Creator

Aressana Challand

A few of the services that JYZ Design offers ranges from digital marketing and social media management to copywriting. To assist with these tasks, I delve into understanding writing styles, tones, and the intent. Through targeting specialized audiences, constructing quality brands and modern websites, our agency gives businesses an edge with their unique visual design and marketing strategies.

Some questions you may have

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media is now pertinent for all business. It is the public brand that a company puts out there and should be seen as an opportunity to engage customers and clients, of any industry. Even if companies are niche or B2B, they still have stakeholders, investors and other companies to connect with to grow reach within a certain industry. The best part about social media is that you can speak to and advertise to exactly who you need to, it’s about finding the messaging and platform. We always provide free consultations if you’re not sure how social media can help your business.

Organic marketing centres around content creation, authentic photos and captions that speak to your desired audience and draws them in through storytelling and leaves them wanting more. It happens on website blogs, videos and social media posts. Paid digital marketing is sponsored posts and ads spread across multiple channels where there is an audience: Google search, Instagram stories and Facebook newsfeed ads are a few examples. They require additional budget to Google and Facebook.

For a limited budgets, we offer one-on-one marketing consultations to help you develop a plan of action. Please schedule a meeting through our contact form.

Digital marketing and social media is an effort that accumulated over time. Creating a great brand online isn’t for companies trying to make a quick buck, but one with a long term image they need to put out there. The great thing about digital marketing is that it’s measurable. Pay-per-click marketing means you only spend relevant when a relevant conversion is made. This allows great tracking as well as flexibility. Our clients receive a comprehensive marketing report and walkthrough. We will help strategize what is more important for you: impressions, clicks or website conversions.

Absolutely. We offer a one-time ads setup package if your business does not work seasonally or require constant campaign changes. We also offer discounted trial packages if you’d like to test out if we are a good fit. Please get in touch and mention you are interested in this.

Absolutely! This is included in our one-time marketing setup package. Please consult with us so we can scope out your requirements.

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