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Content Creation

Social Media Marketing

The new game of social media is authenticity. Are customers responding to the content you put out there? Through professional photography, videography and graphic design, we tell stories on Facebook and Instagram, then turn impressions into long standing fans.


Brand Consistency

Digital Marketing Across Platforms

Consistent campaign messaging across digital and print platforms ensure that your target audiences have your brand top of mind. Our superior designs feature the most eye-catching slogans and promotions, pushing towards real marketing conversions.


Targeted Ads

Intelligent Digital Marketing

After learning about your customer journey, we help create a strategy for how to find the most valuable customers. Through digital marketing targeting methods like in-market audiences, keyword searches, geo-location and specific demographics, we’ll turn your marketing into an engine of conversion.

How Digital Marketing Can Reach Your Customers

Benefits of Digital Marketing


Intelligent Marketing


Multi-media Messaging


Strategic Designs


Micro-targeted Demographics


Flexible budgets


Low CPM (cost-per-measure)


Location Targeting


Monthly Reporting

Example Digital Marketing Packages

  • Starter Organic Content

    • 3 posts/week
    • Stock photo content
    • 2 graphics/month
    • 2 stories/week
    • Engagement
  • Authentic Organic Content

    • 4 posts/week
    • 1 photography session/month
    • Use of stock photos
    • 4 graphics/month
    • 4 stories/week
    • 2 influencer campaigns
    • Engagement
    • Budget to influencers: $400
  • Full Scale Social Package

    • 5 posts/week
    • 1 photography session/month
    • Use of stock photos
    • 5 graphics/month
    • 5 stories/week
    • 4 influencer campaigns
    • Engagement
    • 1 digital ad campaign (graphics, copy & targeting)
    • Recommended Ad Budget: $800

Let us build you a custom marketing package!

Get a free consultation for your specific business needs.

Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Channels


Google Adwords

Google adwords are text and responsive ads that mainly target based on search behaviour. We perform detailed keyword research and rotate a variety of text ads with varying call to actions for each keyword, demographic and geographical segment.


Google Display Ads

Google display ads are those eye catching banner ads on the sides of reputable websites. We design them focused on call to action, with placement focused on websites and people who are your target market.


Social Media Management

If you still aren’t on Instagram and Facebook, your competition IS. We build quality  content – graphics, photography, videos and captions interesting to your market. We integrate hashtag and scheduling strategies to increase organic reach for your posts, then engage with the community to build valuable awareness.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is often the make or break of a lot of companies. Getting on the first page means getting 91.5% of organic traffic! We make sure your website is designed to be SEO friendly then we use whitehat linkbuilding to raise the authority of your website.


Email Newsletters

Building an email list means a database of loyal customers ready to purchase from you. They need to be reminded of your brand and informed of sales so your campaigns are pushed first to those most likely to convert! Our gorgeous professional newsletters will continually bring your base back and back again.


Social Media Ads

Everyone is on social media. Your business should show up where eyeballs are. We use smart targeting research & methods to genuinely find those most potentially interested in your business so every pay per click, impression, message and lead is valuable.

The JYZ Advantage


    Every member of our team focuses on their strengths, guided by an overarching strategy. We are all real designers, developers and marketers. We are specialized in the services we offer.


    And we know how to reach them. We are educated on current consumer behavior trends across many different demographics. Combined with your business insights, we’re invincible.



    Talk directly to one of our directors, responsible for managing your project and has experience in all aspects of getting it done. We have experience yet remain dedicated to your business needs.


    Execution is more important than planning. You need to respond to the market and urgent tasks is how we thrive. We provide quick turnovers for first drafts, edits and final assets.

Some questions you may have

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media is now pertinent for all business. It is the public brand that a company puts out there and should be seen as an opportunity to engage customers and clients, of any industry. Even if companies are niche or B2B, they still have stakeholders, investors and other companies to connect with to grow reach within a certain industry. The best part about social media is that you can speak to and advertise to exactly who you need to, it’s about finding the messaging and platform. We always provide free consultations if you’re not sure how social media can help your business.

Organic marketing centres around content creation, authentic photos and captions that speak to your desired audience and draws them in through storytelling and leaves them wanting more. It happens on website blogs, videos and social media posts. Paid digital marketing is sponsored posts and ads spread across multiple channels where there is an audience: Google search, Instagram stories and Facebook newsfeed ads are a few examples. They require additional budget to Google and Facebook.

For a limited budgets, we offer one-on-one marketing consultations to help you develop a plan of action. Please schedule a meeting through our contact form.

Digital marketing and social media is an effort that accumulated over time. Creating a great brand online isn’t for companies trying to make a quick buck, but one with a long term image they need to put out there. The great thing about digital marketing is that it’s measurable. Pay-per-click marketing means you only spend relevant when a relevant conversion is made. This allows great tracking as well as flexibility. Our clients receive a comprehensive marketing report and walkthrough. We will help strategize what is more important for you: impressions, clicks or website conversions.

Absolutely. We offer a one-time ads setup package if your business does not work seasonally or require constant campaign changes. We also offer discounted trial packages if you’d like to test out if we are a good fit. Please get in touch and mention you are interested in this.

Absolutely! This is included in our one-time marketing setup package. Please consult with us so we can scope out your requirements.

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