Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

After you have established your brand and digital presence, it is time to get found. Your community target audience needs to learn you are there, especially if they are looking for your services and/or products. Utilizing a variety of techniques and mediums, let’s make sure your potential clients find you and remain customers.

Struggling with marketing and not sure how to reach your audience? We’re happy to advise.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Easy to track

  • Measurable ROI

  • Micro-targeted demographic

  • Flexible budget

  • Low CPC (cost-per-click)

  • Multi platform messaging

  • Location targeting

  • Text, display or video platforms

  • Free reporting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is often the make or break of a lot of companies. Getting on the first page means getting 91.5% of organic traffic! We make sure your website is designed to be SEO friendly then we use whitehat linkbuilding to raise the authority of your website.

Email Newsletters

Building an email list means a database of loyal customers ready to purchase from you. They need to be reminded of your brand and informed of sales so your campaigns are pushed first to those most likely to convert! Our gorgeous professional newsletters will continually bring your base back and back again.

Social Media Ads

Everyone is on social media. Your business should show up where eyeballs are. We use smart targeting research & methods to genuinely find those most potentially interested in your business so every pay per click, impression, message and lead is valuable.

Google Display Ads

Google display ads are those eye catching banner ads on the sides of reputable websites. We design them focused on call to action, with placement focused on websites and people who are your target market.

Social Media Management

If you still aren’t on Instagram and Facebook, your competition IS. We build quality  content – graphics, photography, videos and captions interesting to your market. We integrate hashtag and scheduling strategies to increase organic reach for your posts and engage with the community to build valuable relationships and awarness never before possible.

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