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Website Design & Development

Your website should be customized for your company to tell your story. We develop beautiful, responsive and optimized sites with unlimited functionalities-in other words, if your site needs it, we can build it. Websites have many moving parts that we take into account – branding, copy, stock imagery, custom graphics, user experience design, SEO, functionalities, mobile and tablet responsiveness. We learn as much as we can about what you do, and then deliver a beautiful, modern website that overshadows the competition.

  • Consultation

    Tell us your business story – why you started, your value proposition and your goals. Whether it be through a meeting or notes, we'd like to know as much as possible about what you hope to accomplish to accurately represent it digitally.

  • Copywriting and Content Creation

    We transform your notes into deliberately targeted copy with calls to action in mind. We organize your content towards the purpose of turning your visitors into clients/customers.

  • Graphics and Imagery

    We find and craft for you relevant visuals, unique to your brand. With all custom elements tailor-made throughout, your website will be steps above the standard templates of your competitors.

  • Functionality

    Depending on your industry, we will provide consultation to find out how to better streamline the ways you make money. Our websites are boundless in functionalities such as booking systems, blogs, live chats, registration forms, etc.

  • Launch

    So we're live! Afterwards, we ensure your website is equipped with SEO tools to make sure it gets seen. We also make sure it's responsive on all platforms. We also provide 1 month of free support following release to make sure no problems arise.

  • Basic Website
    $3200 and up
    • Custom design, graphics & minor coding
    • Copywriting/Website Content editing
    • Stock photos
    • Easy CMS (Content Management System – WordPress)
    • Basic Internal SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Responsive mobile & tablet versions
    • Contact form functionality
    • 3-4 week turnaround
  • E-Commerce Website
    $4300 and up

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