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Calgary branding agency

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Calgary Logo Design & Branding

Calgary Logo Design & Branding

Calgary Branding Design Packages

We Create Memorable Brand Identity

Make your company memorable with a great logo. Our unique, artistic and marketable approach makes sure you stand out and appeal to your target audience. Our packages includes a process to merge our expertise with your vision, giving you all the tools to start your business.

Logo design is a process. First, we understand your industry, preferences and unique selling factors. We show you typically around 3 initial drafts after a consultation, then ask for feedback. It usually takes 3 rounds of revisions to get us all on the same page.

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Branding Options Based on Your Business Needs

Select your package

  • No Fuss Logo Package

    $750 Pay 20% deposit to start your project
    • 3 draft logos & up to 3 rounds of revisions
    • 1 page branding sheet – colour scheme, shapes, fonts
    • Up to 3 different logo layouts (square, horizontal, icon)
    • 6 different final vector and image files
  • All In Branding Package

    $2700 Save 10%!
    • Everything in foundation branding package plus:
    • Web identity blueprint
    • Brand story: target audience avatar, keyword bubble, social media hashtags, bio write ups
    • Graphic templates: Poster, business card template, letterhead and powerpoint template

How it Works

The Branding Process

Memorable, consistent branding is the foundation of establishing credibility and professionalism. Consumers understand that trustworthy companies invest in well designed identity. Established written brand stories ensures the same tone across different mediums, the starting point of any campaign. We help tailor craft the desired messaging to your target customer to make sure it resonates effectively.

Step 1


We do the research for you– through searching industry norms, SEO competition and domain/social availability. We use strategies like common words, combining common words as well as invent/misspell a word to present a list of name options with a focus on making sure there is a balance of originality, memorability and ease of customers finding you online. Contact us to combine a naming package with branding or pay a 20% for the package to get started.

  • Business Naming Package

    • Competition research
    • 10 name options, 3 rounds of revisions
    • Domain and social handle options

Step 2

Logo Design

A logo is the blueprint of any strong business foundation – it can be the make or break of how professional (or not) your business looks. We work with businesses that look to establish or improve their visual identity. Our logo design process is tailored to match your vision with our creative expertise on current trends, industry standards as well as assets all business need to start and grow. We provide all required file types at the end of the design process and revisions: JPG, PNG, SVG, EPS files. As well as vertical and horizontal layouts, dark and light versions, social media assets and favicons.

Step 3

Brand Story

A written brand story unifies the entire personality of the written or verbal external communications. Below are some different elements we may include, depending on the relevancy to your business:

  • Headlines and slogans: Used in all mediums, a short descriptor sentence that should be able to resonate with your target audience, briefly outline why you exist or what you do and align with your core mission.
  • Elevator pitch: Introductory paragraph for explanations to external stakeholders like investors, board members or simply for customers.
  • Brand pillars: Typically, brands establish 3-4 main pillars that any outbound communications will center around or embody. Let this define tone, personality of the brand. This is also a great trick to strategize social content.
  • Golden circle: The mission of why your business exists, how you deliver that purpose and what products or services are being offered.
  • Tone/personality: Some keywords to help establish the general tone used. Is your brand more personable and quirky? Professional and knowledgable? Trendy and relatable? Thought leader and trustworthy? We help define this.

Step 4

Visual Branding Guidelines

How to be memorable: Consistency is everything. Opting for a branding guide ensures different team members working on the company maintain visual unity no matter the medium. Included in our brand guides are:

  • Color palette
  • Logo usage 
  • Typography and fonts
  • Imagery

Launch A New Visual Identity

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Logo Design

Logo design is a process. Creating a vision that is professional, on trend in the specific industry while representing who you are as a company is a tall order! That’s what we’re here for. We usually ask for a detailed explanation of what you’re looking for, or if you’d like us to have creative control, that’s okay too! We show you typically around 3 initial drafts after a consultation, then ask for feedback. It usually takes 3 rounds of revisions to get us all on the same page.
We are fast! We usually show you the first round of drafts within days of getting a proposal signature from you.

Our package includes the process it takes to get to a logo both us and you are proud of. Then we prepare a branding sheet, fonts, JPG’s, PNG’s and vector files of the logos. Everything you need to grow your business.

Yes! If you are able to put something together, it helps a lot. But the same process of drafts and revisions will be taken.

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