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Proud Fertility



There are multiple opportunities for ParentsCanada: Investing in being a resource distributed to parents, aspiring parents, doctor’s offices, hospitals and prenatal classes.


Proposal Packet with Costs

ParentsCanada is inclusive, content campaigns promoted across channels, layered with promotional opportunities like through the website, homepage, targeted email blast. Would love to focus on the story of growing a family – love Nathan’s story. Want to help spread awareness of Proud Fertility as a resource. 

Aside from other opportunities, ParentsCanada’s encyclopedia (published in fall) is another resource to look at: A few years ago, they stopped printing their semi-annual encyclopedia to rework their strategy and audience. Now, they’re encyclopedia acts as a resource for parents, aspiring parents, and is found in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and prenatal classes. The encyclopedia is an investment, but they have recreated it to act as a resource that parents go through multiple times, has a shelf life of a year including ParentsCanada’s website – which will be recirculated throughout the year. Over 500,000 digital views through ParentsCanada’s website and 100,000 print copies nationally.


Calgary’s Child

Local Calgary publisher catered to parenting, family, and community resources.


Proposal Packet with Costs

Instagram Engagement: Post around 3-4 times weekly, engagement with likes is moderate and steady, comments low, but we are looking at being featured in a print ad so being added to their Instagram is not the main focus.

Print Ad Engagement: Apart of the digital edition, Calgary’s Child magazine would be digitalized right now, it gets +26k monthly visits, the edition is shared extensively on social media (+30k followers), along with being sent to newsletter and digital edition subscribers (+10k subscribers), and sent to school communities boosted on Facebook to reach an additional 20,000 local parents. 

Main Demographic: A community resource, it includes a wide range of followers, targeted towards information for parents, aspiring parents, and families. This builds the Proud Fertility’s credibility as a resource. Includes possible egg donors, surrogates, and those looking to start a family.

Proposed Collaboration: Featured in a print ad for the monthly issue, which would also get shared on social media platforms and sent to subscribers, school communities, and their newsletter – broad reach to the Calgary community.




Calgary Queer Arts Society

Calgary non-profit organization that works to create an inclusive environment for the LGBTQ2A+ community.


Proposal Packet with Costs

Number of Instagram Followers: 2,065

Instagram Engagement: Instagram posts are made 4-6 times a week, likes are low-medium for the account depending on the post, comments low.

Main Demographic: LGBTQ2A+ community to give them the resources some are looking for to lead fulfilled lives. This community could know of others within their community that may be looking for Proud Fertility’s services. Intended parent demographic, possible surrogates and egg donors, building community links.

Proposed Collaboration Ideas: Promotion benefits from Calgary Queer Arts Society, building community connections and furthering the resource brand.

  • Social media post across their Twitter, FB, and Instagram pages during the month of May when the Fairy Tales Film Festival occurs – open to content ideas. (1,729 twitter followers, 2,077 Instagram followers, FB)

The Fairy Tale Film Festival

Biggest event of the year (LGBTQ2A+ story building and resources)

  • May 14th – 24th: Would have to get an ad up quickly so as many people can see the ad as much as possible.

Cost: For $500 CAD – half-page ad in digital program guide, plus a social media post shared on FB, Twitter, and Instagram (we would provide copy and links to them) that is scheduled to go during the month of May when the site sees highest traction due to the festival activities. In exchange, would sponsor Calgary Queer Arts Society programming – a cost that would continue building community credibility.

Alternatively, they’re willing to do social media posts across all three platforms for the month of May for $250, without the digital ad.

Engagement: Between the website, digital program guide and social media platform the reach is over 25,00, mainly the LGBTQ2A+ community (35% gay, 29% lesbian, 9% allies, 9% bisexual, 11% queer, 7% other). 35% of the audience for this event is new, 65% are repeat patrons. ($500 advertising/social media is tailored to our deadline)


Victoria Cornell (TitleFreeMom)

Type of Influencer: Motherhood blogger. Ontario-based, this influencer stretches to Canada’s broader community. Blog and resource focused posts, an influencer that believes in a place without titles and a strong advocate for family.

This influencer page really embodies Proud Fertility’s aspirations and sense of community – Victoria would love to bring attention to Proud Fertility as she understands how special growing a family is and that everyone deserves that chance.


Proposal Packet with Costs

Number of Followers: Instagram 15.7k, 100k+ on Pinterest, 299 on Facebook, 100 Twitter – 3% ER – Avg reach per post 3k.

Instagram Engagement: 2-4k reach – sometimes more, the average is around 2k. About 500 likes a post and around 30 comments a post. 

Website: 3k views a month – adding to her SEO strategy to boost its traffic. 

Main Demographic: Women interested in surrogacy or being an egg donor as followers include a high amount of women, family-based followers, and moms. Includes other educational outlets that follow, many of which the women could be infertile/know someone for these resources. 

Proposed Collaboration Ideas: Prices in media kit

  • Blog Post on titlefreemom.com – Are permanent, include 3 quality photos, 2-3 no follow links to the website for followers to have a range of choice, and 3 unique Pinterest Pins she will share and rotate periodically. $550 CAD – will come up with keywords that rank around motherhood and infertility. Will do an extensive key word search to find the right way to position the blog post to reach more mothers looking for infertility or donor options. 
  • Instagram Post & Story Post – $175 USD, including a resource link in her bio for 30 days, the Instagram post would be permanent


Rachel McLachlan (BowsandBentos)

Type of Influencer: Mommy-influencer/family advocate and blog-based posts made to support local, handmade and small shops, sharing her love of nutritious meals and bento boxes for kids. Southern-Alberta based. There was a time when Rachel believed babies weren’t in the cards for her family, and now she has 2 babies. She is deeply curious and intrigued by surrogacy herself and would love to collaborate to spread awareness of Proud Fertility. 


Proposal Packet with Costs

Number of Instagram Followers: 31.5k

Engagement: Posts around 3-4 times weekly, recent post discussed her story about having her daughter after previously having two miscarriages – 115 comments. Comments average 50+ for posts that are informational/personal. High amount of likes/engagement. 550-1,500 likes. Videos get over 14,000 views. 

Main Demographic: Moms, families, followers revolve around those looking for information about healthy snacks for children, resources, moms interested in egg donation/surrogacy and those that have families/may want to grow them.

Proposed Collaboration Ideas:

  • 3 Story Feature: $250 CAD
  • Full Feed Post: $500

We have also contacted her to see if she would be interested in posting a video on Instagram – as she receives 9,000-14,000+ views in her recent posts.


Brittany Carson (MamaBearYoga)

Type of Influencer: Mommy influencer + alternative health & holistic health service. Calgary and Cochrane based. Advocates empowering moms & and mom to-be’s.


Proposal Packet with Costs

Number of Instagram Followers: 1,186

Engagement: Comments + likes low (a few comments, around 30 likes), engagement level is expected for the page and its followers. 

Main Demographic: Moms, mom to-bes – those interested in egg donation, surrogacy, or those that may be infertile. Collaborating with this page would be focused on committing to growing partnerships in the community. 

Proposed Collaboration Ideas:

  • Level 1 – $150 (Includes one post and one story)
  • Level 2 – $200 (Includes one post and two stories)
  • Level 3 – $350 (Includes two posts in one month, and four stories) 
  • Level 4 – $650 (Includes two month commitment, of four posts, and eight stories)
  • Level 5 – $1250 (Includes: three month commitment, of 6 posts and 12 stories) 


Aman (Kaur.Mama.Moments)

Type of Influencer: Motherhood blogger – sponsored posts, family and motherhood posts. Calgary zone.

Proposal Packet with Costs

Number of Instagram Followers: 10.8k

Engagement: Average 400+ likes on a post, 30+ comments 

Main Demographic: Moms, families, mothers to-be – interested in starting a family because they are infertile or interested in being a donor/surrogate. 

Proposed Collaboration Ideas:

  • Story feature
  • Permanent Instagram post
  • Feature in Instagram highlights

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