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The Face of Your Product

The Face of Your Product

Packaging Design

Custom Packaging Design

Custom Packaging Design

Product Packaging

Stand Out On Shelves and Online

Your packaging is what your customers see when considering to purchase your products – we make sure it is an extension of your brand and effectively communicates its purpose. We have worked with a variety of industries, such as beauty, food, nutrition, household, marijuana, etc. Whatever the regulations and requirements, we’ll work with you so it’s up to industry standards.

Components of Product Packaging

Designed to Tell Your Story



There’s a million ways to phrase your value proposition, let us help you do it in a way that your customer gets it.



We help perpetuate the look and feel you need to build a real brand by consulting with you as well as doing market research to achieve this.


Nutrition Facts

Not sure about how to calculate or show nutrition facts? We can help come up with the correct format.


Product Details

We can help decide the necessary details that your customers need to know – ingredients, weight, size, instructions, etc.



Organic or eco-friendly? We know how to work with certification branding regulations.



Most retailers require Canadian products to have both French and English wording. We’ll help you translate all the writing.


Print Preparation

Preparing for print usually means ensuring the template, colors, foils and embossing are all accurate. We have printing sources we work with to recommend.


Mockups and Photography

Ready to market or sell? We can help you create gorgeous mockups or take studio photography so your products are professional.


eCommerce Website

Ready to sell? We’ll help you build an eCommerce interface so your product can go direct to consumer, complete with your customized shipping rules, invoices, customer receipts and payment processing setup. We know eCommerce and are here with business consulting so you can make the best decisions to sell more!

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