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Calgary Logo Design & Branding

Make your company memorable with a great logo. Our unique, artistic and marketable approach makes sure you stand out and appeal to your target audience. Our packages includes a process to merge our expertise with your vision, giving you all the tools to start your business.

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Our Previous Branding Work

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Our Packages

Logo Design Pricing

  • Naming

    Have an idea but need a catchy name to match? We can help come up with options as well as research domain availability.

  • Logo

    First we learn about your industry, your business story and your target audience. Then we create some draft logos and go through three rounds of revisions with you so our creative vision matches yours.

  • Visual Branding Guidelines

    You want your business to grow long term and go above and beyond a single project. We build brands and establish guidelines to ensure your company arises memorable above the competition.

  • Branding Story

    Beyond visuals, your content needs to portray a consistent look and feel. We deliver writing that serves as a foundation for all future informative and marketing endeavours.

  • Logo & Branding Package

    $500 Pay 20% deposit to start your project
    • 3 draft logos & up to 3 rounds of revisions
    • Branding sheet – colour scheme, shapes, fonts
    • Up to 3 different logo layouts (square, horizontal, icon)
    • 6 different final vector and image files

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Branding

Logo design is a process. Creating a vision that is professional, on trend in the specific industry while representing who you are as a company is a tall order! That’s what we’re here for. We usually ask for a detailed explanation of what you’re looking for, or if you’d like us to have creative control, that’s okay too! We show you typically around 3 initial drafts after a consultation, then ask for feedback. It usually takes 3 rounds of revisions to get us all on the same page.
We are fast! We usually show you the first round of drafts within days of getting a proposal signature from you.

Our package includes the process it takes to get to a logo both us and you are proud of. Then we prepare a branding sheet, fonts, JPG’s, PNG’s and vector files of the logos. Everything you need to grow your business.

Yes! If you are able to put something together, it helps a lot. But the same process of drafts and revisions will be taken.

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