Branding Consulting


Branding Consulting

Analyze and Optimize your Brand

To thrive in the digital era, your company needs a brand which connects your service or product to the minds of the consumer. With the ability of potential customers to find what they want within seconds, it is essential for your business to epitomize the segment in which you operate. Creating the association between your company and your marketplace is key. JYZ Design will create a brand story which sets the tone for your product or service; we will create a marketing platform from which you can launch your business to new levels of success within the new advertising mediums; and finally we will create a logo and brand palette which ties everything together to symbolize your company within the marketplace and separate you from the competition. Depending on our initial analysis, we will propose different services to improve your public image.

  • Consultation

    You know your business best. Tell us your selling factors, where you win and where you lose.

  • Research

    We will study your company and industry in depth. What is an effective online presence and what is the best way of reaching your target audience?

  • Brand Story

    We will produce a brand story which sets the tone for your company and provides marketing direction for future campaigns.

  • Rebranding

    Upon completion of the brand story, we set about re-branding the visual aspects of your company: new logo & branding, website, social media strategy and/or marketing strategy.

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